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Following the old adage “two heads are better” Dr Colin Reid and Associate Professor Rob Eisenberg founded Hunter ENT in 2003. We recognised that a team of individual experts with diverse strengths could accomplish much more than any one person alone. Professor Kelvin Kong joined Hunter ENT in 2007 and Dr Toby Corlette joined in 2011, Dr Daron Cope 2016, Dr Johnson Huang 2017 all bringing a combination of refined talent and new ideas and energy. Collaboration has allowed us to brainstorm difficult cases and work together achieving better results. We have been able to innovate better, keeping pace with and contributing to changes in techniques and technology. Through this collaboration Hunter ENT has driven better communication and a culture of the pursuit of excellence with a resulting benefit in management of diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat, Head and Neck benefiting the community of the Hunter New England region and beyond. 

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We hope we can help you find a solution for your ENT and Head and Neck problems. 

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Di Baxter General Manager

Di Baxter

General Manager

Lisa McGlenchy nurse

Lisa McGlenchy