Voice Clinic

Voice Clinic -

Hunter ENT has provided a voice clinic for many years, initially Dr Colin Reid with Speech Pathologists, Dr Anne Vertigan. Dr Vertigan continues to lead the voice clinic with Professor Kelvin Kong. We provide an individualised voice assessment and examination laryngoscopy and stroboscopy. An assessment and diagnosis may then link into the appropriate services.

Hunter ENT has always adopted a multidisciplinary approach with both laryngologist (ENT surgeon) and speech pathologist present for the consultation, to ensure a comprehensive and combined approach to the patient for best outcomes. We also work closely with other specialists including neurologists, respiratory physicians, gastroenterologists, dieticians, singing teachers, voice coaches, and oncologists.

We see both paediatric and adult patients and are always very happy to discuss with GPs, singing coaches and speech pathologists, any voice concerns. While we understand the importance of voice for professional voice uses, we also are passionate about the voice for every person.

Conditions that we often diagnose and manage:

• Muscle tension dysphonia
• Chronic cough
• Vocal cord paralysis, Vocal cord paresis
• Recurrent respiratory papilloma
• Benign Vocal cord lesions – cysts, polyps, sulci, vocal cord nodules
• Spasmodic dysphonia
• Presbylaryngeus
• Functional dysphonias
• Paradoxical Vocal Fold Dysfunction
• Neurological Voice disorders eg Parkinsons, tremor, dystonia

Voice Clinic -
Voice Clinic -