Yes, we are accepting new patients.

Please send your referral through to our rooms via email or fax. On your referral please include your private hospital cover and up to date contact information. If you are uninsured, please write uninsured.

Your referral will then be triaged by our ENT specialist to confirm timeframe and we will be in contact within 7-10 working days to advise you of appointment details.

Once the doctor triages your referral we will be able to give you an indication of exact waiting times.

You require a referral so you are able to claim a rebate from Medicare for your consultation. If the doctor performs any examinations in the rooms, such as ear toilet or nasendoscopy we will claim this directly through Medicare and therefore no out of pocket is charged to you. We do require a referral to be able to do such.

We do not see public patients in our rooms. Our specialists hold outpatient clinics at the John Hunter Hospital for patients who are not covered by a health fund. If you able to self fund for the consultation and all required surgeries please contact our rooms to discuss fees.

NO, If you wish to come to our rooms for a private consultation you must be accepting of private surgical fees. Our team would be happy to discuss costing further. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a private consultation and the ability to be placed onto the public theatre list as there is a process in place in the public hospital.

As we do not have access to the public system and their wait times, you will need to contact the John Hunter Hospital ENT referral management centre on 49223912. For all other queries relating to the public hospital, please call 49213000.